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All items are for sale for any reasonable offer (US$ or UK£). Everything is in full working order unless noted otherwise. This is not a complete list of what I have, but represents what I suspect will be of wider interest. If you're interested in something not listed, please e-mail me directly. Numbers in parenthesis indicate quantity available. Much of this may end up on e-bay eventually (I'm darsys if you want to check my feedback there).

Domestic buyers are responsible for shipping (at cost) via UPS ground in the 48 continental states. I will not ship most items US Mail and if I do, it is at your sole risk. AK/HI and International shipping by special arrangements via UPS or Global Express Mail. International bidders assume all risk once item is shipped. Duties, taxes, and such are the responsibility of recipient. I will not provide falsified customs declarations on orders: please, don't ask.

Personal checks are okay from US and UK banks, but they will be held for 10 business days for clearance. Money Order and/or Cashier's Check ship next business day after receipt of the instrument. I will not accept PayPal for credit card funded transfers -- small bank transfers only.

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Computers & Monitors

  1. G4/450 w/internal zip & CD+RW -- inquire for specs
  2. G4 Quicksilver -- inquire for specs


Printers and Accessories

  1. Canon Selphy DS700 Photograph Printer (prints only 4 x 6 photos)
  2. ImageWriter II Ribbons -- hermetically sealed (6)
  3. ImageWriter II Appletalk (Localtalk) Option
  4. Nec PinWriter P6 Ribbons -- hermetically sealed (4)


Drives (Floppy, CD, DVD, Hard, Tape)

  1. External 3.5" 800k Apple® Drive A9M0106
  2. External 5.25" Apple® Disk Drive A9M0107
  3. External 2GB SCSI Hard Drive LaCie
  4. External Firewire 16x10x40 CD+RW Yamaha
  5. External DVD+RW 16x Firewire and USB


Communications Devices (Modems, Hubs, Routers, Cables, etc)

  1. LocalTalk (AppleTalk) Cables in various lengths up to 100 feet
  2. LocalTalk (AppleTalk) boxes (for device connection)
  3. LocalTalk (AppleTalk) couplers
  4. SCSI Cables (SCSI-1, SCSI-2, SCSI-3) Specify what you need and M/F pattern
  5. USB Cables in various configurations.
  6. AAUI Ethernet Tranceiver



  1. SystemSaver GS (dead)


Blank Media

  1. 5.25" Disks 1S2D (100s new and used available)
  2. 3.5" Disks 2S2D (100s -- used once -- available)
  3. 3.5" Disks 2SHD (100s -- used once -- available)
  4. SDX-T3N/3 Sony AIT Tapes Factory Sealed (3)
  5. Zip 100s Blank (dozens new and used available)
  6. Zip 250s Blank (new and used available)


Other Supplies

  1. CD Caddies for old-style tray loading (12)
  2. 4145 White Address Labels - pin feed
  3. 4162 Clear Address Labels - pin feed
  4. 4241 White 3.5 floppy labels - pin feed



  1. I also have all the Addison Wesley hardback Apple II book library
  2. I also have the very rare Apple WorkBench binder manuals (4 books in 3 binders)



All disks are originals. Some items I have manuals for, but assume I do not unless you ask first. Please note that many of the Apple II disks are 10, 15, and even 20 years old. Although stored in disk boxes in air conditioning, it’s possible they may have degraded and I cannot guarantee they work, especially the 5.25 disks because I have no way to test them. If you buy them you should IMMEDIATELY make a back up copy onto current media. They are not guaranteed to work. I wish I could. But they worked when last used.

  1. Rare collectors item. A2T0017 -- the original AppleSoft software on Cassette Tape in the original Apple box! For this one item, I'm actually expecting a more than reasonable offer.
  2. Tons of Macintosh and PC software (ask for titles). All original disks (and some with manuals) -- no pirated stuff. All older software. If you're looking for something drop me a note and I'll let you know if I have it. Letter of transfer of serial number provided when appropriate upon request.


Software 5.25" Apple II series

  1. FlashCalc w/manual
  2. Magic Office System w/manual and box
  3. WordPerfect //e w/manual and slipcase box
  4. Dazzle Draw
  5. Beagle Graphics
  6. AppleWorks 2 Expander 1.0.1
  7. Softdisk #91 (Disk 1&2)
  9. A+ SuperIndex 10-86 to 10-87
  10. A+ SuperIndex 10-87 to 10-88
  11. RANA Systems Elite Enhancer
  12. Big U
  13. Roger Wagner Trial Size Toolbox
  14. GPLE
  15. ProByter
  16. DiversiCopy
  17. Bulletin Board Construction Set
  18. SoftDisk Sampler
  19. AppleSoft Sampler A2D2002
  20. ProDOS BASIC
  21. ProDOS User’s Disk
  22. ProDOS Exerciser
  23. DOS 3.3 User’s System Master
  24. Apple II System Disk v4.0.1
  25. Apple II System Disk v3.2
  26. MousePaint
  27. Simulated Computer
  28. Worksheet Wizard
  29. Apple SuperPilot w/manuals
  30. Apple presents the Apple IIe
  31. Algebra II
  32. TutorTech Hypermedia Demo


Software 3.5" Apple IIgs only

  1. Bouncin Ferno
  2. Shanghai
  3. Keef the Theif
  4. Arkanoid
  5. Manhunter
  6. Vegas Gambler
  7. Vegas Craps
  8. Crystal Quest
  9. Club Backgammon
  10. Blackjack Academy
  11. Arkanoid II
  12. Apple Tour (Apple official GS)
  13. Programmer’s Into to Apple II v4
  14. Softdisk GS Sampler
  15. Apple IIgs Demo Disk (2 disk set)
  16. Music Construction Set Player Demo
  17. Classical Music Disk Music Construction Set
  18. Public Domain Exchange GS10
  19. Public Domain Exchange GS9
  20. Public Domain Exchange GS8
  21. AppleWorks GS 1.1
  22. WordPerfect 2.1e (with manual and box)
  23. GS RAM / GS RAM+ 1.0 utility on 5.25 disk


Software 3.5" any Apple II series

  1. Artworx Strip Poker Data Disk #1
  2. Artworx Strip Poker Data Disk #2
  3. A2 Central Disk July 92
  4. A2 Central Starter Disk 1.0
  5. MDBASIC v3 w/manual
  6. OMM w/manual
  7. Apple Access II
  8. Sensible Grammar w/manual
  9. DB Master v5
  10. Chinook SCSI Utils 1.5
  11. SuperMacro Works
  12. Shem the Penman’s Guide to Interactive Fiction
  13. AW 3.0 Companion
  14. Copy II Plus v8.0
  15. Prosel v4
  16. Quark Catalyst
  17. SoftDisk issue #90

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Telephone Equipment

  1. KXT-3185 (White) PANASONIC Three Line Phone
    Above phone fully programmable, multiple speed dials, etc. Original manuals available. Works with three singles or one two-line RJ jack with an additional single. Can conference lines. One line display. Speakerphone. Hold. Call timer. Built in clock. Comes with AC adapter.

Satellite Equipment

  1. DRD480RE DirectTV Receiver -- Standard RCA DirecTV receiver with working (but deactivated) access card. With original manuals and universal remote. For a full list of features go here (PDF of owner's manual).
  2. D11 DirecTV Receiver (house brand) with working (but deactivated) access card. With original manuals.


Stereo Equipment

  1. PD-M710 Pioneer CD Player (Works as single and multi-disc). Multi-Disc changer sometimes doesn't work so well. Not sure if it's cartridge or player. Extra cartridge included. Includes manual, remote.
  2. CTW600R Pioneer Dual Tape Deck with manual.
  3. VR730HF RCA S-VHS with manual.
  4. EV-S550  Sony 8mm VCR  not Hi8 (Works but needs proper head cleaning) with manual and Sony Universal remote.
  5. XM Antenna (Home Kit) for Pioneer and similar systems (subscription required)
  6. Kenwood DV505 5 Disc DVD player/changer with manuals and remote.
  7. Kenwood VR505 AV Receiver (no HD support, composite video only but had digital audio) with manuals and remote.


email me at darsys (at) aol (dot) com

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