13 October 2015
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Significant Team Dates

  1. 12-10-92 Franchise awarded to Harry Wayne Huizenga.
  2. 03-01-93 Un-named team announces they will play 93-94 season. Bobby Clarke named General Manager and Vice President.
  3. 04-19-93 Panthers officially named. Bill Torrey named president.
  4. 05-24-93 Team announced first affiliation with the IHL Cyclones.
  5. 05-27-93 Season tickets go on sale and lower bowl sells out soon after.
  6. 06-02-93 Roger Neilson named first head coach.
  7. 06-03-93 Radio agreement signed.
  8. 06-14-93 Panthers unveil uniforms.
  9. 06-24-93 Panthers select and sign first pick in expansion draft: John Vanbiesbrouck.
  10. 06-26-93 Robbie Niedermayer selected with first entry draft pick.
  11. 07-13-93 TV agreement signed with WBFS-33 and Sunshine Network.
  12. 09-07-93 Ice laid down at Miami Arena.
  13. 09-11-93 First on-ice Panthers camp.
  14. 10-05-93 Eric Seiden gets his Panther Season Tickets!
  15. 10-06-93 The Panthers take to the ice for first regular season game at Chicago Blackahwks.
  16. 10-09-93 Panthers play to NHL's largest crowd of 27,227 at Tampa. We win 2-0.
  17. 10-12-93 Panthers play first home game and lose 2-1 to Penguins.
  18. 01-22-94 First Panthers play in the All-Star game (Vanbiesbrouck, Kudelski).
  19. 01-30-94 Panthers break expansion team record for unbeaten game streak (9).
  20. 01-31-94 Jesse Belanger is the Panthers first Player Of The Week.
  21. 03-21-94 Panthers become best NHL expansion team in its history with 74 points.
  22. 03-24-94 John Vabeisbrouck is the Panthers first goalie Player of the Week.
  23. 03-26-94 Panthers record more wins than any other NHL expansion team with 32.
  24. 04-14-94 Panthers become the best expansion team in any professional sports history with a 0.494 final percentage (33-34-17 for 83 points).
  25. 04-14-94 Panthers and Mighty Ducks of Anaheim tie for NHL record of most wins (33) for any expansion team in NHL history.
  26. 06-15-94 Bobby Clarke returns to Philly
  27. 08-01-94 Bryan Murray named new General Manager.
  28. 09-11-94 Doug Barrault scores first Panther Hat Trick (pre-season) against Ottawa Senators.
  29. 06-07-95 Panthers add AHL Carolina Monarchs as their new farm team.
  30. 06-08-95 Roger Neilson, first head coach, fired.
  31. 06-28-94 Panthers select Ed Jovanovski with first pick overall.
  32. 07-24-95 Doug MacLean named second head coach.
  33. 09-29-95 Ed Jovanovski breaks his thumb on the face of Brendan Shanahan.
  34. 10-08-95 Mellanby kills a rat in the locker room and scores two goals giving birth to the Rat Trick and the tradition of rats being thrown on the ice after goals.
  35. 01-20-96 Panthers Coach Doug MacLean coaches the East all-star team.
  36. 01-23-96 Johan Garpenlov scores first Hat Trick in Panther history against Washington Capitals.
  37. 02-29-96 Mike Hough takes the Panthers first Penalty shot against the Washington Capitals. The Capitals stopped it.
  38. 03-21-96 Sheppard scores all three goals in the Panthers 3-2 win over the Islanders and gives the crowd their first home hat trick.
  39. 04-17-96 Panthers play their first playoff game on home ice versus the Boston Bruins and win convincingly.
  40. 04-25-96 Coach Dough MacLean becomes the first member of a Panthers coaching staff to be ejected from a game. (Game 4 of playoffs v Boston).
  41. 04-27-96 Billy Lindsay burns Ray Borque to score on Bill Ranford in one of the most amazing goals in hockey history and certainly the single most spectacular goal in Panthers history. It's now just called "The Goal". (It easily beat runner-up Stu Barnes' storming of two Canadiens earlier in the season, hitting the puck between their skates, jumping over them, recovering his own pass and scoring, thereby being credited with the goal and the assist.)
  42. 05-12-96 Panthers win their first Double Overtime game (Game 5 of playoffs v Philadelphia) appropriately on Mother's Day.
  43. 06-01-96 Panthers beat the Penguins to advance to first Stanley Cup.
  44. 06-10-96 Panthers lose their first Stanley Cup series 0-4, in one of the longest hockey games ever played: triple OT or almost two complete hockey games. It started at 7:30pm on 6-10 and ended at 1:06am on 6-11. Playing time of 5h36m was the tally with 119 shots on goal.
  45. 06-12-96 The "thank you" bash at Miami Arena overflows stranding thousands outside because there's no room inside.
  46. 09-18-96 The Panthers file an IPO, offering 49% of the stock to the public.
  47. 11-19-96 The Panthers trade Stu Barnes and Jason Woolley to the Penguins for Chris Wells, in what is one of the worst trades in hockey history and definitely the worst trade in Panthers history. The team never recovers.
  48. 11-06-97 Ray Whitney is claimed off waivers from Edmonton.
  49. 11-24-97 Panthers second coach, Doug MacLean, fired and replaced in the interim with Bryan Murray. The fans and players never forgive Murray. The famed "NO BM" button appears. (62K image will open in its own window.)
  50. 12-27-97 John Vanbeisbrouck records his 300th NHL win.
  51. 03-15-98 Beezer allows five goals in one period in the midst of negotiating a new contract. Booed off the ice, he will leave the Panthers a few weeks after the season ends.
  52. 04-16-98 The Panthers play their last game at Miami Arena. In a poll taken of the most important moment in the Panthers tenure at Miami Arena, "The Goal" wins by a landslide.
  53. 06-18-98 The Panthers name the newly formed ECHL Miami Matadors as their primary affiliate. The Matadors will move in to the Miami Arena vacated by the Panthers' move to the new Broward County arena. The team will not survive to see a second season.
  54. 06-21-98 The Florida Panthers introduce Terry Murray, brother of current General Manager Bryan Murray as their new head coach.
  55. 07-05-98 Ex-Panther Tommy Fitzgerald is named captain of the expansion Nashville Predators (by way of Colorado).
  56. 07-06-98 John Vanbiesbrouck, the cornerstone of the team signs with the Philadelphia Flyers as an unrestricted free agent. Fans are disconsolate.
  57. 09-27-98 The Florida Panthers play their first game (pre-season) at the Broward County Arena (National Car Rental Center) against the Boston Bruins.
  58. 10-09-98 The Florida Panthers open their regular season at BCA/NCRC with a 4-1 victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning.
  59. 12-17-98 The Florida Panthers sign an agreement with the AHL's Louisville Panthers (which they co-own) for an affiliation agreement to commence with the 1999-2000 season.
  60. 01-17-99 Panthers make their biggest trade ever, acquiring Pavel Bure and Bret Hedican for Ed Jovanovski and Dave Gagner. Several minor leaguers are also included in the trade along with a conditional draft pick.
  61. 12-13-99 Peter Worrell crashed Trevor Kidd, dislocating Kidd's shoulder. Trevor who was having a league-leading season never fully recovers. Kidd would remain atop of the league for two more months before any other goalie catches his stats.
  62. 12-30-99 Panthers trade original Panther Billy Lindsay and fans are disconsolate.
  63. 12-29-00 Bill Torrey cans Terry Murray after he wins 6 games out of 36. Fans continue to wonder why it took so long. In another move, slightly less popular, but barely, Bryan Murray was fired as GM, reportedly because he wouldn't fire Terry, his brother.
  64. 12-29-00 After the bloodletting, Duane Sutter was named as coach, and Bill Torrey named as interim GM.
  65. 02-09-01 Original Panther and current Captain, Scott Mellanby was traded to the Saint Louis Blues for a conditional draft pick, leaving only two original Panthers.
  66. 06-05-01: Group of Nine purchases Panthers from H. Wayne Huizenga.
  67. 06-23-01 Original Panther Rob Niedermayer is traded to the Calgary Flames for Valeri Bure, brother of Panthers' super-star Pavel Bure. Jason Weimer and several draft picks also exchange hands.
  68. 06-23-01 This is the first year in which the Panthers make two first round picks in the draft. The draft is also held in Florida for the first time.
  69. 08-23-01 In a one-day late birthday present for your FAQ-keeper, the Panthers re-sign former prodigal son Billy Lindsay to the team on a two year contract. He was an unrestricted free-agent.
  70. 12-3-01 The Panthers fire original team President, and legend, Bill Torrey. At the same time, they fire coach Duane "Dog" Sutter, replacing him with Mike Keenan. Fans are skeptical.
  71. 03-18-02 The Panthers dump Pavel Bure whose escalating laziness and inability to play two-way hockey exceeds his goal scoring ability. Fans generally feel were robbed in this trade.
  72. 03-19-02 Billy Lindsay is claimed off waivers by Les Habitants. The list moderator is inconsolable.
  73. 04-16-02 The Panthers win the draft lottery and will ultimately pick Jay Bouwmeester with the pick.
  74. 05-10-02 Chuck Fletcher, GM in waiting, is dissed and Rick Dudley from Tampa gets the job. Fans are confused.
  75. 06-03-02 The San Antonio Stampede is named a few weeks after San Antonio was announced as the Panthers new AHL affiliate under a five year agreement. Eleven days later it is renamed the Rampage as embarrassed officials realize there already is a professional team in San Antonio with the same name (football).
  76. 02-01-03 The Florida Panthers host their first All-Star weekend, and it is by all accounts an amazing success and decreed universally to be one of the best ever. Local fans are livid when management orchestrates a trade of the only elected Panther (Sandis Ozolinsh) two days before the game in an obvious salary dump.
  77. 08-28-03 The Florida Panthers name the ECHL Augusta Lynx as their new ECHL affiliate.
  78. 10-??-03 COO Jeff Cogen leaves the Panthers for MLB's Texas Rangers paving the way for Michael Yormark to appear
  79. 11-09-03 The Florida Panthers show Mike Keenan the door. Fans are pleased with his depature. Rick Dudley slowly starts to turn the team around.
  80. 05-24-04 Panthers offer Rick Dudley a different position and annouce a new coach and GM are forthcoming. Message boards, mailing lists overflow with ire as the rumour is Keenan was to return.
  81. 05-26-04 Keenan returns as GM with Jacques Martin as coach. Fans are livid. Media pokes fun. Other teams ridicule Panthers. The media circus surrounding inept NFL Dolphins management is sidetracked by inept Panthers management.
  82. 9-7-04 The ECHL Lynx are replaced with the ECHL Texas Wildcatters as affiliates of the Panthers.
  83. 09-16-04 The myopic NHL management butts heads with the even more myopic NHLPA management. Sharing half of a brain between them, they allow the season to be postponed and ultimately cancelled. The biggest enemy of the NHL is the owners who need only look in the mirror to find the source of their misery. The players fail to understand that the NHL is falling fast and their unwillingness to come to terms will cost them their livelihoods.
  84. 07-13-05 The morons in charge apparently finally settle their differences. Hockey is expected to resume the new season on schedule, despite the fact many fans no longer care.
  85. 08-22-05 Today, my 40th birthday coincidentally, the Panthers sign a one-year affiliation agreement with the Florida Everblades. Keenan originally refused to sign them during his tenure as coach thinking it was bad idea having an affiliate so close despite the fact other teams do it. Fans welcome his flip-flop.
  86. 09-06-05 Office Depot Center renamed to BankAtlantic Center, its fourth name. When built it was named Broward County Arena and opened as National Car Rental Center.
  87. 11-25-05 Olli Jokinen records his first NHL Hat Trick. Fans celebrate by pretending not to notice and throw no hats.
  88. 12-11-06 Nathan Horton becomes the youngest Panther to record a hat trick.
  89. 9-3-06 The media circus resumes with the resignation of Keenan. Of course he had a loaded gun pointed to his head. I don't care and am really damned happy he's gone.
  90. 3-3-07 Jacques Martin coaches his 1000th NHL game and Martin Gelinas plays in his 1200th NHL game. And to wrap it up, the Panthers paste Tampa 6 to 2 including a penalty shot by Ville Peltonen -- the first on home ice.
  91. 6-22-07 Panthers fans are thrilled as Vokoun is signed from Nashville to replace troubled Belfour.
  92. 7-1-07 Radek Dvorak returns as a Panther and fans are excited. Local dogs are not.
  93. 7-28-07 Panthers have a reunion game for the 1996 Panthers
  94. 11-16-09 Alan Cohen turns reins of team over to Stu Siegel and Cliff Viner
  95. 3-20-10 New and vastly improved Den of Honor opens.

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