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Advertising & Sponsorship Policy

We will accept limited sponsorships and advertising as noted below. You can sponsor or advertise on either a site or a page. The goal of our sites is not revenue, though we are happy to have whatever we can make. The sites governed are as follows:

Because these sites are not revenue oriented, we can be picky about who we accept. We do not accept ads and sponsors that contain pornography, hate messages, or illegal activities of any kind. We also only accept ads or sponsors who have something in common with what we're about. We'll let you know how we feel about your ad if you send us a copy. If it's not good for us, it's not good for you.

We also are concerned about the look and feel of our site. If your ad looks sticks out like a sore thumb, it's probably not suited for us. The best ads blend in nicely with just a hint of colour or other feature to make it noticeable. The key is subtlety. If you use a sledgehammer, that may work for you but it doesn't work for us. Then again, we don't want to be sneaky. We won't pass of your ad as content. Ads are clearly marked as such.

You may not send adware, spyware, malware, or anything else to our users. If you do, your ad is gone forever and we will make no refunds. You should not create or add cookies without their express permission. If your organization is listed on any of the major spam lists, you may not advertise on our site. Also, we don't give out, sell, rent, or share information on our users. Ever. Don't ask. We can, however, give you general data such as common browser types, platforms, country of origin as general idea so you know if our site is a good match for your campaign.

To protect your value and our integrity, we do not allow more than two non-competing advertisers per page*. Because we're honest, once you buy in nobody can claim your spot until your term is up. We won't evict you for a higher bidder. You also get right of first refusal to match any offer when your term is up.

* Google Adwords, Non-Profit Organizations, and Unpaid Ads do not count towards this total.

Sponsorships are for an entire site. You get an ad in the sidebar which may include tables, multiple links, small images, and so forth. You also get a special blurb on the index page to both and identifying you as a sponsor. A sponsorship also gets you written up in my blog, the Quagmire, which has free stats hits as of this moment. Sponsorships are for a minimum of six months, and must be paid in advance.

Ads are normally placed in the left side bar and are text only with minimal links. We may allow in-line or footer ads on select pages, though there will be a premium charged for them. No header ads or banners are allowed. Ads must run for one quarter, paid in advance. If your offer is for "per-click" advertising, we require you to remit to us one dollar in advance. This is so we have proper contact information and financial details in case you don't live up to your end of the bargain. Sorry, but once-bitten, twice-shy.

If you're interested, you will need to e-mail us and tell us which page(s) you want to advertise on, and what you propose to advertise. We will also need a link to one of your current customers as well as sample code if it's not HTML.

Our site is written in HTML as far as any user can tell. It's actually multiple PHP include files that deliver the appropriate page to our user based on which site they are on and what page they are requesting. Besides PHP we have some cgi-bin scripts for various features. Our sites are tested in Firefox on both the Macintosh and PC. They usually work in Internet Explorer, but to be honest, we don't much care.


  • Photon.Net (paid advertiser and in exchange for services provided)
  • Firefox (Non-profit ad provided by and because we believe in their cause)
  • Robin Hood Foundation (Ad provided by me, personally, because I support this Children's Charity)
  • Seti@Home (Provided by me, personally, as a courtesy to my alma mater The University of California at Berkeley because I personally support this Science Project)
  • Guide to Online (paid sponsor, select Quagmire technology posts)
  • (Ads at the bottom of every page)


  • Barry’s Tickets (paid sponsor,, and

This page last updated 13 March 2010.